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Patient Testimonials

I am a very satisfied customer and will continue to rely on Sound Advice. Bob T.
Dear Joni,
This is to let you know how pleased I am with my hearing aids and with the services I have received at your office since purchasing them last year. You are clearly a knowledgeable and experienced professional, as well as an honest and caring person. Your practice manager, Cheryl, has also been a pleasure to deal with.
Yours is the first hearing aid office that I have visited where I truly felt that you had my best interests as your first priority. I appreciate the time you took to educate me on my hearing loss and options, and I never felt any pressure to make a purchase. You have earned my loyalty as a future repeat customer.
Dorothy Morgan
Post Script: The Starkey Series 9 are so much better that even though I still have 2 years left on my warranty for the CIC aids I purchased the Starkey Series 9 now.
Dear Joni,
I just wanted to thank you for finding the perfect hearing aid system for my unique needs. I am a pharmacist, and it is so important for me to hear clearly on the phone. Most doctors' order prescriptions on the phone very quickly, but before my hearing loss I had no trouble understanding them. As my hearing loss progressed, it became harder & harder to hear them, and it became very stressful for me. Stress made it even harder for me to hear.
My new hearing aids have enabled me to hear quite clearly on the phone, and it truly has improved the quality of my life.
I am grateful for the care and patience you and Cheryl have shown me. Thanks for a great job!
Melinda Zaher
Joni & Cheryl,
Thank you so much for all of your help with Brendan's new hearing aids. Your hard work and genuine concern means a lot to both of us! We hope you both have a wonder holiday season.
Brendan & Beth Quinn and Family
Joni, Beth, Cheryl, Mary
To all of you I owe a very special thanks for all you do for me. As I have said before, I couldn't have picked a better group to go to. You do realize you are spoiling me but I love it. May thanks for all you do.
Bruce Griggs, Jr.
Hello There,
I want to let you know that I love my hearing aid. I do not hear my ear ringing because the chimes are always on from the hearing aid. Someone there had a great idea!!!
Thanks Again So Much! I also love the buttons better than what I had before. I can push the volume down if anyone is talking loud. That's what I couldn't do before and so much more. Thanks.
Dear Friends
"I can hear, I can hear" professed the lady with her new hearing aids. I love them! Only thing I have to practice is pushing the buttons to change noises.
I just wanted to thank you again for your prompt service and reasonable prices on fixing my hearing aids! I had been living without for some time and I can't believe what I was missing! Thanks to you and your staff!
Mark Hockenberry
Dear Joni,
I want to thank you so much for your kindness and patience with me and letting me try the hearing aids last week. I am so very frustrated to think I was unable to properly insert them. (Believe me, I tried)
I have prayed that in the future I may be able to adjust to a different and 'easier to manage' aid. For now, I at least have acquired some knowledge of exactly what to expect with help for my hearing
Eileen Hoen
Dear Joni,
I have been very remiss in not writing sooner to tell you how pleased I am with my Oticon hearing aids. My husband and I recently returned from a wonderful trip to Central Europe. During this trip as well as in my everyday life people complain to me that they can't hear, know they should get an aid but hesitate to do so as they can't imagine having something in their ear all the time. I laugh and quickly take mine out to brag about how wonderful they are. Imagine their astonishment when they see the tiny aid and say "I didn't know that you wore hearing aids?" Even when I put them back in they still struggle to see them. Our trip would not have been nearly as enjoyable if I had not had my improved hearing.
Last week one of my girlfriends called to see what kind I had because she was taking her mother for a hearing test. Life is great. Thanks very much for your friendly, supportive, professional advice. I will continue to recommend you to all who ask for my advice.
Betty Kurczewski
Dear Cheryl and Joni,
Thank you for ordering the audio/tech system for me! It really makes a difference when I watch videos and movies on the T.V. Cheryl, I appreciate how you kept me updated on their ordering and arrival date.
On Wednesday of last week I stopped by your office very unexpected. You were able to fix my hearing aid for me. It was very nice of you. I appreciated it very much.
Thanks again!
Linda Mitchell
Thanks to you Joni!
I want to take this opportunity to thank you for assisting me in obtaining a powerful hearing aid under the Michigan Rehabilitation Services program. Using this device, my small company has been able to secure work on a major university project which will make us profitable for years to come.
While the project is out of state (in Texas), the revenues all come back here to Michigan. The hearing aids aid allows me to participate in large meetings where I am now able to hear just about 100% of what is said. It also is, of course, very useful in everyday discussions with clients and with my team.
As an architect, good communication is essential to success, and my ability to hear clearly has helped us to win this project.
My thanks to you, and to the State of Michigan, for making all of this possible.
Bob Carington
Dear Joni,
Although I have told you personally how great I am now hearing, I am sending you this note just in case you want to share my testimony with others who may benefit from my experience.
I wish everyone could hear this well. After wearing many different models of hearing aids over the years, I do not remember hearing this well. As bad as my hearing has become, these new ones are nothing short of a miracle! Even on the phone, and with no feedback.
I recently attended a dinner party with a large group of friends. I was amazed to be able to enjoy good conversation with everyone at my table. It was very noisy. Now, I am not trying to make you thing I heard every single work, as people with normal hearing were missing some things in all that noise... But I am delighted to tell you that not only was I a part of the conversation, but I had a better time than I have had in a long time! I do not know who is happier, me or my wife.
Don Robinson
Dear Joni & Staff,
Wishing you the very best in your new location. Thank you for the way you continue to service my needs and those of Graydon before me.
Edna Chester
Dear Ms Tedesco,
Every once in a while somebody does something very nice for you that you don't expect and may not even deserve. Thank you very much for the gift certificate at Applebees. I would have recommended your firm without the gift. You folks do a good job.
Lots of Good Things,
Al Mattingly
Just a quick note to say I like your new location and to let you know that I received excellent service last time I was there. I think back when I was first thinking about a hearing aid and am more convinced than ever that I made the best decision at the time about going to your office. Please tell everyone what I said.
Bruce Griggs
Hi Joni,
I saw Mr. Hawley last week. He's very happy with his new aids and with the level of service you've provided him. He said he now sees the differences in the level of professionalism you offer (how comfortable your office is, how knowledgeable you are) compared to the Beltone Dealer he had been seeing in the past.
Thanks so much for taking such good care of him!
Mary Humitz
Dear Joni,
This is just a very Big Thank You card for helping me with my paperwork and the mold for my hearing aid.
Betty Massa
Sound Advice Hearing Aids
When I was looking for a place to buy hearing aids a few years ago I contacted Joni at Sound Advice Hearing Aids. After speaking at great length with Joni, I decided to purchase my hearing aids from her at Sound Advice. Having purchased hearing aids before, I was a little skeptical, although Joni reassured me that her commitment to service was indeed sincere.
Three years later, I can tell you that what I was told has turned out to be true. Joni and her staff have gone above and beyond my expectations, first by exchanging the behind the ear aids that I purchased for in the ear aids. When there was a problem with my aids, they again came through by handling the repairs, which were covered under warranty, without any questions. They even suggested that I bring them in annually for cleaning and repair prior to the expiration of my warranty.
Finally, for a brief period of time, I had relocated out of the area. During that time, they were able to continue to supply me with batteries by mailing them to me. This again was service beyond expectations. If you are considering purchasing new hearing aids, or need service on your current aids, I can whole-heartedly recommend Joni and the staff at Sound Advice. You will not be disappointed.
Bill Schmekel
Hi Joni,
Just a note to tell you I am enjoying my new phone. I can hear so much better. What a relief!
Thank you again for helping me hear so much better.
Barbara Hayter
Dear Joni and Amy,
I can't tell you how much I appreciate your generosity in taking care of my sister's brother-in-law. Your kindness and thoughtfulness never ceases to amaze me.
P.S. Marco said he loved the changes and that his hearing aid sounded so much better!
Dear Joni & Staff,
Thank you so much for your continued support of the Hearing Loss Association's Walk4Hearing. You are much appreciated as a loyal friend. I often tell others about your generous response to our request. We shall put that money to good use. Your business shall be recognized at the March 29th. kickoff and the walk itself (May 16). You are, of course invited (but not obligated) to attend.
Best Wishes to you and your business! Be well and thrive! Let me know if there is anything I or the Hearing Loss Association can do for you.