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How Do Audiologists Help with Hearing Aids?


Hearing aids are small devices that improve the audio quality of anyone wearing them. They are personal devices that are custom fitted based on the needs of the person wearing them. The same model on two different people will not have the same settings. These differences matter and make the upkeep of hearing aids important for the person that’s wearing them. Audiologists work with their patients to keep hearing aid devices up to date and in good working condition. Calling in the warranty is a last resort, and is usually done when repairs are too complex for an in office repair.


Device cleaning gets rid of any debris or wax that’s stuck on a hearing aid. Cleanings can be done in the same day they are brought. Some audiologists send their patients home with cleaning kits, a great option to save time. Cleaning can be done with regular maintenance or appointments, and when performed on a regular basis will extend the life of the device. This applies to all types of hearing aid products, even the behind the ear models. Cleanings are also the answer to getting devices back to their optimal hearing levels.


Minor repairs or part replacements are done in the office of an audiologist. There are warranties attached to the models that vary based on the manufacturer. Extended warranties on top of the original ones are available, but it is restricted to what a specific audiologist offers. The convenience of warranties takes care of a lot of the headaches surrounding repair, including the use of a loaner hearing aid when major repairs are required. Going over the warranty information is one of the many things an audiologist will discuss before ordering a hearing aid.


If audio improves or declines while wearing a hearing aid, reprogramming is necessary. This is another fix that can be handled in the office of an audiologist, and it takes very little time. A few tests will determine what levels are optimal for everyday tasks, and the hearing aid will be adjusted accordingly. Comfort modifications are also available, and depending on what the patient wants it can open up an entirely new world. When venturing outside of the basic comfort modifications an audiologists offers, patients will have access to multiple accessories exclusive to their hearing aids. This step is always available, even during the initial fitting.

If you have a question about your hearing aids or think you may benefit from them, schedule an appointment with an audiologist in your city. The audiologist will be able to help you with a plethora of services, from hearing testing and treatment, to selecting and repairing your devices.