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For many people, hearing aid fitting appointments can be one of the most important medical appointments that they ever go to. This is because these meetings mark the first time that many people experience tremendous improvements in their ability to hear sound. Here are four important things to know about hearing fitting appointments. 1. They are generally conducted by audiologists

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So you have seen a hearing health professional and had a hearing test done. Upon hearing the results of your hearing test you decided it was a good idea to purchase hearing aids. Congratulations. But now you are worried. You are worried about what to expect. You are worried about how the new hearing aids are going to feel. You

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After finally admitting you could be experiencing hearing loss, you had your hearing evaluated by an audiologist who diagnosed it and recommended hearing aids for you. This might seem like the end of the journey to better hearing health, but in reality, it’s just the beginning. The next step is a professional fitting – a vital appointment in which your

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