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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Your Audiologist

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Your Audiologist

Audiologists play a critical role in your hearing loss treatment journey. They are responsible for rehabilitating you when you have been diagnosed with hearing impairment and making sure that they do everything in their power to improve the quality of your life. Unfortunately, some people make judgment mistakes in choosing their audiologist, ending up with someone who is a poor fit for their needs. Here is a list of five mistakes you should avoid when you are selecting your audiologist.

1. Compromising on customer care

Often, patients are so desperate to find a hearing care professional as fast as possible that they tend to ignore signs of poor customer care, such as a rude receptionist or a long queue for an appointment time. Remember that an audiology clinic that doesn’t prioritize customer service is very likely to be the reason that you end up having a horrible hearing loss treatment experience. Never expect anything less than stellar customer service in return for your business.

2. Ignoring professional qualifications

You might have read great reviews about this audiologist online or their office might run impressive advertisements on the local cable channel; however, none of this guarantees that they are good at their job. Many online reviews are bogus and paid for and advertisements are obviously not impartial. The best measure of a professional’s capability is their educational training, professional qualifications, work experience, and professional accreditations and associations.

3. Settling for someone with payment inflexibility

Hearing loss treatment is not a cheap endeavor. In fact, it is considered one of the most expensive treatments that many people undergo in their lifetimes. And to make matters worse, many insurance providers will not cover a huge chunk of hearing loss treatment. This means that you will very likely be paying a lot of money to your audiologist from your own pocket. In such a scenario, if your audiologist does not have several flexible payment options available, you might find yourself in quite a bit of financial trouble. Therefore, it is sensible to look for a clinic that has easy payment options designed for you and also provides assistance with insurance and tax rebates.

4. Not making sure they are brand independent

Many people make the fateful mistake of choosing an audiologist who has his interests aligned with the hearing aid manufacturers. This means that such an audiologist will fit you with brands that he is getting a financial incentive on, rather than selecting one that is reliable, high quality, and best suited to your needs. Not choosing a brand independent audiologist is an excellent recipe to get ripped off.

5. Selecting a clinic that doesn’t repair

You might think you just got these amazing hearing aids, there is no way they will need repairs for the next decade or two. That is a blatant misconception. Many hearing aids need repair in the first two years of operation even with moderate care and cleaning. If your audiologist doesn’t provide affordable and quick repairs, you may be left without hearing aids for days while you get them fixed by someone else for a huge amount of money.

Your audiologist will play a huge role in not just your hearing health, but your quality of life as well. When selecting an audiologist, make sure to choose a professional best suited to help you feel at ease and treat your hearing conditions.