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4 Things to Know About Hearing Aid Fitting Appointments

Hearing Aid Fitting

For many people, hearing aid fitting appointments can be one of the most important medical appointments that they ever go to. This is because these meetings mark the first time that many people experience tremendous improvements in their ability to hear sound. Here are four important things to know about hearing fitting appointments.

1. They are generally conducted by audiologists

Audiologists are medical professionals who specialize in treating hearing and balance disorders. Fitting people for hearing aids is one of the core aspects of what audiologists do. They have the training and the expertise to make sure that your hearing aid fitting appointment is done correctly and efficiently, with the most up-to-date medical science in mind.

2. They are not always covered by insurance

Whether or not your hearing aid fitting aid appointment is covered by insurance depends on the terms of your individual health insurance policy. It is possible that some, none, or all of your hearing aid fitting appointment could be covered by insurance. If only some, or if none of the cost of these appointments are covered by your insurer, then you will need to pay what is owed out of pocket.

3. You have to take hearing tests before booking an appointment

Hearing tests must be taken before book a hearing aid fitting appointment because otherwise, there is no way for the audiologist to know which type of hearing aids to select for you. However, if you take hearing tests beforehand, then the audiologist will be able to look at your level of hearing loss and choose hearing aids for you that are the best for your situation.

4. You will learn to use your hearing aids at these appointments

Hearing aids are electronic devices that do require a small amount of training in order to be able to use properly. So, when you are at your hearing aid fitting appointment, your audiologist will give you a small training session on how to use your hearing aids. This training will be instrumental for you when you are starting to use your hearing aids on your own for the first time.

Learn more about what to expect during your hearing aid fitting by discussing any questions and concerns with your audiologist. The audiologist wants you to find the best fit possible, so communication is an important tool during this appointment.