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4 Signs Your Hearing Aid Needs Repair

4 Signs Your Hearing Aid Needs Repair

Even though digital hearing aids don’t have moving parts, they can require repair. Here are a few signs your hearing aid may need repair and what you can do to fix it yourself.

Hearing aid does not turn on

If your hearing aid doesn’t turn on, the problem is usually with the power source. First, make sure the hearing aid is actually turned to the “on” setting. It’s easy to forget to do this.

Next, make sure the battery door is closed firmly and securely. If the door isn’t closed, the hearing aid won’t turn on.

Check the setting. Make sure hearing aids are not in telecoil setting.

Finally, check the batteries. Open the battery door and make sure batteries are in the proper position. Remove batteries and inspect contacts for signs of corrosion. Clean with a cotton swab moistened with alcohol and allow to dry completely. Install new batteries, close battery door firmly and turn hearing aid to the “on” position.

Sound is muffled or distorted

If your hearing aid turns on but the sound is muffled, it may be time for a good cleaning. Ears naturally produce wax and earwax is not good for hearing aids. Second only to problems with the battery, wax buildup is a common cause of problems with hearing aids.

To remove wax easily, dry your hearing aids first. Place your hearing aids in their drying box and allow them to dry overnight. Dry earwax is easier to remove. In the morning, start cleaning by gently wiping the aids with a soft cloth. Then clean wax from the microphone, speaker, wax guards, tubing and any other place it has collected using the tools provided in your cleaning kit. Behind the ear hearing aids use a tube that connects the hearing aid to the earmold. If this tubing gets clogged with earwax, the sounds you hear may be muffled. Clean or replace this tubing.

Volume of sound is not correct or intermittent problems

If you have intermittent problems, the batteries probably need replacing. As they end their useful life, the batteries can provide enough power to turn your hearing aids on but not enough power to maintain constant service. If volume increases and decreases randomly or if hearing aids turn off and on by themselves, change the batteries.

If your hearing aids have different settings, check to make sure they are on the correct setting and the correct program.

Feedback or whistling

If you hear whistling or feedback, it is not a sign that your hearing aid needs repair. It is a sign that your ears need cleaning.

Excess earwax can prevent your hearing aids from fitting properly. If sound escapes from your earmold, it will cause feedback.

Clean your ears well, clean your hearing aids thoroughly and then re-insert. If you still have whistling, make an appointment with the audiologist to have your ears and hearing aids professionally cleaned.

If your hearing aids are not working to your satisfaction after these simple repairs, take your hearing aids back to the audiologist for professional repair.