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4 Practical Ways to Find an Audiologist

4 Practical Ways to Find an Audiologist

Is this your first hearing test?

Scheduling a hearing test can feel like a big step. Not only are you squaring up to possible hearing loss, but finding a clinic is a new experience. The good news is that it’s never been easier to find an excellent audiologist. Here’s how.

Professional registers

An audiologist is a hearing health professional who has studied hearing to degree level or beyond. As such, they hold a degree and also registered with a professional body. The latter is responsible for upholding standards with the profession. This includes making sure members behave in a professional manner and keep up to date with advancements in hearing health and technology.

This means you can have confidence in the technical ability of those individuals registered with bodies such as the American Academy of Audiology or American Speech-Language Association.

To find a registered audiologist or to check a professional is legitimate, click on either of the links above. There you’ll find searchable fields to find individual audiologists or lists of those practicing in your area.

Friends and family

Personal experience is a wonderful thing. Chat to friends or family who have had a hearing test, and ask for their recommendations. Things to ask about include how helpful and accommodating the staff were, whether they felt rushed or not, and how their hearing device measured up to the promises made.

Online search

Don’t overlook the obvious, and do an online search.

Go to any search engine and type in your city name and the word “audiologist.” This should bring up a list of clinics in your area.

Follow the onscreen links to visit the websites and browse around. This should give you a great impression of what’s important to the clinic and how client-centric they are. Look at the services on offer and if they have helpful articles online that show they really know what they’re talking about.

Also, don’t forget to cross reference the individual clinics with online reviews sites, to see what their reputation is like. You can gain a valuable insight by reading both good and bad reviews. Again, look for indications that the audiologist takes their time, listens to your needs and makes helpful suggestions. In the negative reviews, while parking difficulties might be inconvenient, such a complaint should be balanced against what this means to you in particularly and the service given by the audiologist.

Call a physician

If you’re still bewildered or if it is a physician who advised a hearing test, ask your doctor to recommend an audiologist. Your doctor will regularly refer people with hearing issues to a professional specializing in hearing issues. This might be an audiologists or a specialist at a local hospital. They will also get feedback from patients about their experiences.