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3 Tips to Help You Find an Audiologist


If you are new to the hearing health world it can be a bit much when it comes to looking for and finding an audiologist to take care of your ears and hearing health needs. Others will of course want to give you their opinion and unsolicited advice. Some of the advice and information will be good and beneficial but other information and advice will be completely unwarranted and even harm you in your search. Everyone has an opinion but not everyone’s opinion is correct. Here are three helpful tips to help you along your way in finding an audiologist:

  1. Clinic information. When you first begin to look for an audiologist be sure to find one that is close and convenient for you to get to. It should be either close to your home or close to your work. While checking the location of the clinic be sure to also check the hours of operation to ensure that you will be able to get to your appointments on time even with traffic. You might also want to check the accessibility of the clinic, that is, is there ample parking, do you have to pay for parking, how is the access for those with mobility issues or wheelchairs, does the clinic have stairs or an elevator or direct street access? Clinic location, access and hours of operation could make or break whether or not this audiologist works for you over the long term so take all of these into high consideration when finding an audiologist.
  2. Research. Do your research on the audiologist and the industry in general before booking an appointment. Talk to family, friends and even other medical professionals such as your doctor about the audiologists in your area. Ask their opinion, recommendation and experience with each candidate on your list. Make sure to hear about both the positive and negative information about audiologists as this information will also help in your search and gathering of information. Research the audiologists online as well. Gather as much information from as many places as possible to make an informed and educated decision.
  3. Questions. Questions are important and we all have them. Asking questions is vital when finding an audiologist that works for you and your needs. You will want to ask questions of yourself about the audiologist as you are researching and looking up clinic information. You will want to ask questions of others as your research. You will want to ask questions as you call and book your initial consultation appointment. You will also want to ask more questions during your initial appointment as well. A good rule of thumb with all of these questions and answers is to write them all down. By writing it all down you will be able to process and understand the questions you have asked and the answers you have received thus keeping everything organized for processing and use at another date.

Finding the right audiologist is a key component when it comes to treating any hearing health issues. Make sure you feel comfortable and confident in the audiologist’s skills.